Writing activities for a case of bad stripes

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Camilla got a bad spelling of stripes. Aug 24,  · So, we read A Bad Case of Stripes and made a chart together to describe Camilla Cream. We kind of sequed from this chart to the one below.

My friend Kate made this and it was such a great tool to help the kids explain how the character's traits change throughout the senjahundeklubb.com: The Good Life. A bad case of stripes A humorous, vibrantly illustrated tale about a girl who is an extreme conformist and suffers some bizarre consequences.

Bad Case of Stripes {David Shannon}

Bad Case of Stripes - making connections, writing idea, art idea - bad case of and link to other View More. A Bad Case of the Stripes. View More. A Bad Case of the Stripes 6.

Teach Junkie: 12 Easy Cause and Effect Activities and Worksheets - Cause and Effect with A Bad Case. A Bad Case of STRIPES - Activities ***Check out this David Shannon, Mo Willems and Julia Cook collection:*** Favorite Authors - Activities BUNDLE These highly engaging David Shannon - author of "A Bad Case of Stripes" themed activities are sure to be a hit with your young learners.

In a wonderfully illustrated book, a little girl is so concerned with everyone's opinion of her that she stops being herself and spontaneously becomes whatever anyone calls her, whether purple polka-dotted or as striped as the flag.

A Bad Case of Stripes could be introduced by talking about what it means for a student to try to “fit in” with a particular group. 2. Read the book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon to the group.

Writing activities for a case of bad stripes
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