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By using ethos to give credibility to himself and his argument, pathos to evoke strong emotion and connect the reader to the essay, and logos to make the argument solid, Jones is able to effectively argue his thesis.

Is Violent Media Good for Kids? (Peer Revision)

Work Cited Jones, Gerard. “Violent Media is Good for Kids. ” Current Issues and Enduring Questions. 9th Edition.

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gotten more pronounced in more recent years. Using pathos, ethos, and logos, Gerard Jones wrote an article titled “Violent Media Is Good For Kids”, and takes a more personal approach in saying his opinion on the matter, claiming that it is healthy and educational for children to experience violent media.

Nov 09,  · Discuss the analysis essay from “Violent media is good for kids” Grace Tush November 9, am November 9, 0 Comments please read “Violent media is good for kids” and write 3 pages analysis essay about it.

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Violent Media is Good for Kids, by Gerard Jones: a one sided persuasion of exposing children to violent media, resulting in a well rounded, successful member of society.

Jones makes a strong straightforward statement right away, titling his article the way he did%(10).

Western culture Violent media is good for kids ethos pathos logos
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