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Centre plans law on online hate speech

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Speech Fest

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Jazz fest picks for July 1, 2018: Vinícius Cantuária, The Suffers, Chiva Gantiva

Kharge's opposition to the Union BudgetArun Jaitley presented his third Budget at the Lok Sabha. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, on Wednesday, presented the Union Budget.

to be announced. Highlights include: Gala Dinner Interviews with Guest Authors Presentations of the C RIME F EST Awards. In addition, there will be some forty author panels with more than a hundred participating authors, a crime writing workshop, a pitch-an-agent strand, and much more.

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Moving a step ahead towards framing a distinct law for online “hate speech,” the Home Ministry has written to the Law Commission to prepare a draft law. Get the scoop on your favorite Black celebrities, from who's hooking up (or breaking up) with whom to the latest engagements as well as the cutest celebrity moms and their kids.

Speech for fest
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Union Budget Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's full speech - The Hindu