Data provenance in e learning

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Research Data Provenance IG

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Data Provenance in E-Learning Paper

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Data Provenance in E-Learning

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Data provenance, just what the doctor ordered

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Data Provenance: A Categorization of Existing Approaches∗ Boris Glavic, Klaus Dittrich University of Zurich Database Technology Research Group [email protected], [email protected] Data provenance techniques used in e-science projects, e learning environment, etc.

E-learning can be difficult to understand because different authors use the term differently. E-learning is a new education idea by using the Internet technology, it delivers the digital content, provides a learner-orient environment for the teachers and students.

The challenges that are introduced by the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data, also pose related challenges for provenance and quality of Big Data, defined as veracity. Home» Data Provenance in E-Learning.

Data Provenance in E-Learning. This extends to data provenance and knowing the location of your customer’s data and the laws that must be adhered to.


When applying geographical boundaries to digital assets the physical location and the data centre it resides in is of increasing importance. To provide learners with more interactive, sharable, open, and safe services, the data provenance is introduced and extended into the online informal learning environment in this paper.

It is proved to be helpful to the evaluation of authenticity and quality, the expansion of resource sharing, as well as the guarantee of security and privacy.

Data provenance in e learning
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Data Provenance