Acct 90004 accounting for decision making

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Accounting for Decision Making

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Financial Planning for Investments.

Accounting for Decision Making

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Subject: ACCT/U/1/SM1 - Accounting for Decision Making Department: BUSEC - Accounting Displaying Dates: 01 Jan - 30 Dec (week 1‑52). ACCT - Accounting for Decision Making and Control CIS - Information Systems and Technology ECON - Managerial Economics FIN - Financial Management and Financial Markets ***Course Offerings on Subsequent Pages*** The concentrations shown are for students whose program begins Fall All others should view their required courses.

1. Introduction to accounting and business decision making 2. Accounting in society 3. Business structures 4.

Business transactions 5. Balance sheet 6. Statement of profit or loss and statement of changes in equity 7. Statement of cash flows 8. Analysis and interpretation of financial statements 9.

Budgeting Cost—volume—profit analysis ACCT / COST ACCOUNTING (3) LEC. 3. Pr. ACCT or ACCT A study of how cost data for products, projects, or services are recorded, analyzed, and used for decision making. Junior standing applies to ACCT ACCT is limited to students accepted to online accounting.

ACCT Accounting for Decision Making; Apply fundamental accounting concepts and principles for recording business transactions using accrual accounting and the double entry system. 2. Evaluate the effects of the release of accounting information on a stock’s price. 3. Demonstrate basic digital literacy skills in the use of.

Managerial accounting provides a framework for internal decision-making by focusing on cost systems, cost behavior and budgeting. Emphasis is on job-related computer applications, including QuickBooks and Excel. Program design allows you to continue from one level to another in a building block format that saves you time and money.

Acct 90004 accounting for decision making
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